Working with two great producers gave The Cult a dilemma, which weapon to choose?

Taking a lead from film studios, The Cult release a ‘prequel’ to this year’s critically acclaimed and fan devoured album, Choice of Weapon. Rather than a collection of demos with little substance, Billy and Ian have released the tracks at a stage of their development where they can be considered an interest to fans, and … Continue reading

Adele’s Skyfall : Has the level of success already been determind?

Last Friday was, rather grandiosely, named Global James Bond Day. That may have passed some of us by, but the launch of the new theme song was less likely to. At 0.07am , ho ho great work fellas!, Adele’s Skyfall was unleashed. A new James Bond movie never needs much advertising, the 50 year old … Continue reading

Unemployment figures spell bad news for the economy

New figures released this week show an increase in Australia’s unemployment rate to its highest level in almost two and a half years. September’s increase to 5.4% from August’s 5.1% was higher than expected. However, in Queensland a figure of 6.4% is the highest unemployment rate of all the mainland states. Hear the full story … Continue reading