Strewth! Bruce Almighty!

Ten years in the waiting and finally Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band roll back in to Brisbane, and as Bruce reminds us, it was “Saturday niiiight!” making sure the crowd knows they’re here to have fun, as the second of his two shows in Queensland gets underway. Opening with High Hopes from his … Continue reading

Indigenous health to suffer without Government funding.

Close The Gap Day aims to increase awareness of Indigenous health issues. With Government funding not secured from June 2013 there’s a danger mortality rates will remain higher than for white Australians.

The Next Day: Patient Bowie’s Spectacular Comeback.

Is the euphoria worth it? The clamour to raise Bowie further, to a previously unmatched iconic plain after an almost silent decade following nearly two being panned by critics and music fans, is all enveloping. Yet, Bowie’s influence has been rumbling away for many years, just very few named him. Only those with very obvious … Continue reading