Art-rock juggernaut’s celebratory homecoming

An overblown, pompous, backslapping homecoming for Scotland’s biggest stadium export of the eighties, and on the guitarist’s birthday. Brilliant! No, really it is. Here is a band at their professional peak, after many internal upheavals, Simple Minds are a continuing live powerhouse. The deluxe thrills and spills box set book edition really is supreme, yet … Continue reading

From the delta, down on the river…

There’s a dusty road on the Delta where a ramshackle roadhouse sits. A neon light is aglow as the sun starts to settle over the horizon. Inside a rock ‘n’ roll band have laid out their instruments on the aged wooden floor, amongst the spit and the gravel. Iggy Pop and Nick Cave strike up ‘Nobody’s … Continue reading

Cool and colourful.

McGuinness became more adventurous with 2012’s The Invitation to the Voyage, which had trace elements of Parklife era Blur, but Chroma is a further sonic shift away from straight ahead British pop. He continues with occasional fey psychedelia and British queerness, not that it’s camp, but there is a lightness to both his voice and lyrics within his deft, often … Continue reading