Johnny marvels in frontman role.

Playland WPUsing the momentum gained from 2013’s The Messenger, Johnny Marr is back with a vibrant follow-up to his solo debut. Playland utilises this energy and opens vigorously with a succession of high intensity rock ’n’ roll songs.

As expected his guitar leads the way, but for all the guitar heroics, Marr needs a foil. He’s a very talented musician and competent lyricist but needs the pressure of someone casting their eye over his creativity then meeting it head on with their own, to produce a better whole as seen in with his work as a member of Electronic and Modest Mouse. Although it doesn’t push any boundaries Playland is a modern sounding collection of guitar laced electronica. ‘Easy Money’ has a typical Smithsian jangle over an electrobeat, and it’s a formula Marr uses well. ‘This Tension’ carries an edgy introspection but otherwise the mood is upbeat, a decisive move away from The Smiths miserablism or the intense darkness of The The.

Marr is in a position to do as he pleases and lend his hand to almost anything and he has become more comfortable at being a frontman on this record, rather than just an axe icon.

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