Just call me Dave.

It’s 26 years since the release of blues rock colossus and precursor of grunge, Tin Machine, was released to acclaim. or… It’s 26 years since David Bowie confirmed his topple into the creative abyss. Even now it’s hard to place this record with any balance across the musical spectrum such is its divisive nature. So, … Continue reading

How Vinyl Records Made Their Comeback.

It’s old news… as we all know record sales are continuing to climb. Thankfully, rather than recycling figures, this infographic explains the details, and much more. Thanks to Record Store Day Australia for the link.

Don’t just look for truth in distant places.

As the needle finally settles on Record Store Day releases, the annual questions about its legitimacy are raised. Bands who have long since put down their instruments are releasing new 7”s or bands who spend most of their time flogging a dead horse have a 10” picture disc of their worldwide smash from 30 years … Continue reading