Spellbinding electronica from East Anglia

If you like your techno Teutonic, your basslines hypnotic and your punk anamorphic, this is the train journey for you.

Like an echo of new wave European travelogues, If You See Me winds it’s way through Berlin, Dusseldorf, Leeds and Glasgow, on a rhythmic Eurostar of art rock post modernism.

Maria’s honey dipped, dreamy vocals join electronic pops and bleeps, taking its cues from the days when travelling the Autobahn SYT Smiths Canary was considered exotic. Gemma’s warm, throbbing bassline invites you to slip into something more comfortable; it’s a journey of soothing bliss.

Yet after five minutes the tangerine dream is gatecrashed by the nightmare off-kilter clattering technopunk of Circumstance on the b-side. It’s spitting vocal and harsh radio signal pulse peck away at your previously relaxed mind. If there is a more bi-polar debut this year, it’s best to alight at the next station if you have a fragile psyche.

If this disparate showing is the trip you want, make sure you buy an open ended return. You’ll have no idea when you’ll be coming back.


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