Making sense of the future with the past

With rehabilitation comes the spectre of failure. After three increasingly well received LPs of original work, Simple Minds removed themselves from the job in hand to undertake, at first the strange and quite dangerous step of, recording past hits in an acoustic style, yet it gave the band space to rework many songs. It’s as … Continue reading

Spellbinding electronica from East Anglia

If you like your techno Teutonic, your basslines hypnotic and your punk anamorphic, this is the train journey for you. Like an echo of new wave European travelogues, If You See Me winds it’s way through Berlin, Dusseldorf, Leeds and Glasgow, on a rhythmic Eurostar of art rock post modernism. Maria’s honey dipped, dreamy vocals … Continue reading

Can, Emre Can.

This end of season player review was written for The Tomkins Times. Not Jackie or Charlie. Emre. The German midfielder of Turkish decent. Before joining Liverpool in 2014, he’d played for Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen, all before reaching 20. So good were his formative years, his four year contract with Leverkusen was only 25% completed … Continue reading