Hello, I’m Alexander Tate and I’ve been collecting vinyl since I bought a 7” with some winnings from the Penny Falls in an arcade whilst on holiday in the mid-eighties.

Over the years my collection has grown and my income less illicit, but vinyl still appeals most out of all the formats. In the beginning I bought tapes by my favourite artists. Then I became obsessed by Simple Minds, and focused on their back catalogue with unrivaled enthusiasm. Sad enough to keep receipts and sticky price tags from related purchases.

The visits to the Tuesday Market second hand stall in King’s Lynn and the Norwich Record Exchange filled my teens. As my taste broadened my collection grew, but there was still special attention for items relating to my favourite bands, especially in my favourite format. While they require mint condition items, I can often be found the bargain bins searching for … well anything that catches my eye.

In the months leading up to the birth of my first child I took a week off work. I decided to tackle a Simple Minds-a-thon, listening to all my Simple Minds collection in chronological order, with vinyl being the definitive format. Over 40 hours worth of music, wearing the t-shirts of the era and reading old magazines of the time.

Since then technology has made collecting live bootlegs easier and my 40 hours may now have doubled. But there’s a temptation to test my endurance once again.

With over 1000 items my house does look like a record store, coupled with boxes tucked away in the garage and under beds I should be looking at reigning it all in. Not a chance.

Obsessive? Yes. Compulsive? Yes, but all in alphabetical order.


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