Four Welshmen of the rock apocalypse

In August 1994, a 3ft by 3ft image of the cover of new album by Manic Street Preachers hung in a high street shop window. Not just any shop, but Woolworths, a world wide chain and staple of many UK high streets. This wan’t Bon Jovi, Wet Wet Wet, Mariah Carey or other consumable releases the … Continue reading

Neu! Gold Dream

After an almost repellent idea of an acoustic Manics LP proved to be a wondrous success of widescreen grandeur, the band, again, produce a Cruyff turn by having their synths turned up to 11 for Futurology. Manic Street Preachers have a slight reputation for gently switching style from LP to LP, the previous move with an emphasis … Continue reading

Simple Minds’ New Gold Dream is still vivid after 30 years.

Instead of a luxurious reissue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a classic album, Virgin have left well alone. Not known for giving many fans what they want, they have, again, stuck true to form. Rather than celebrate a classic album, five records got a box set to themselves with added b-sides. But that was … Continue reading