Spellbinding electronica from East Anglia

If you like your techno Teutonic, your basslines hypnotic and your punk anamorphic, this is the train journey for you. Like an echo of new wave European travelogues, If You See Me winds it’s way through Berlin, Dusseldorf, Leeds and Glasgow, on a rhythmic Eurostar of art rock post modernism. Maria’s honey dipped, dreamy vocals … Continue reading

Triviality in triplicate

“You have these weeks in the music press which are quieter weeks than others, and it just so happened that this was a quiet week,” said Tony Stewart talking about when he reviewed Simple Minds debut, Life in a Day, in the northern spring of 1979. This week, in 2015, is not quiet. Not for me. But … Continue reading

Don’t just look for truth in distant places.

As the needle finally settles on Record Store Day releases, the annual questions about its legitimacy are raised. Bands who have long since put down their instruments are releasing new 7”s or bands who spend most of their time flogging a dead horse have a 10” picture disc of their worldwide smash from 30 years … Continue reading